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Contemporary Asian cuisine to excite the palate, Chef Peter Joseph takes the the finest seasonal and traditional British ingredients, bringing them to life with heady spices and culinary techniques associated with Indian and wider Asian sub-continental cookery, creating a sense of communal eating which for centuries has been the hallmark of superior cuisine.


The delights of Middle Eastern & North African cuisine. Where each and every very dish tells it’s own story from the traditional recipes direct from the country of their ancient origin. Chef Peter Joseph and his team of talented chefs take inspiration from across the region, creating culinary art with new ingredients, new approaches, and a fresh take on old standards, creating an eclectic combination of Middle Eastern and North African flavours for your event.

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Seasonally composed with ingredients of exceptional quality from around the British Isles, Chef Peter Joseph and his brigade take on traditional British, French and Iberian classics with a new twist, guaranteeing bold flavours and painstaking attention to detail to create culinary events that are themselves a gastronomic journey for you and your guests.

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Whatever the occasion and whether you have a firm idea for the concept of your event, or seek complete guidance and inspiration, count on the team here at Ardour to support you every step of the way and to deliver you the most magnificent and memorable atmospheric event experience.